Dolce floor mount bath spout with mixer

This Dolce floor mount bath spout with mixer is the epitome of elegance and class.

It is design to arch gracefully over your bath and provide a beautiful focal point. At a reasonable price with fully solid brass construction.

This floor mount bath spout with mixer has clean, simple, modern lines that will enhance the look of any bath just by being installed.

The chrome/matt black/brushed nickel/gun metal grey plated finish adds another layer of elegance and beauty to this accessory.

This bath spout with mixer is trending to be a quality product that will last for years.

To avoiding doing an entire bathroom renovation, the simple elegance of this piece makes it easy to install among existing decor like it was there originally.

This product is slender enough to fit in almost any bathroom.

Give your bathroom a touch of class.


chrome, matt black, brushed nickel, gun metal grey

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